Upper Merion Area School District

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“K – Day”


The first ride on the big yellow bus can be a very traumatic and scary event for any 5 or 6 year old, especially if it means leaving Mommy or Daddy for the first time!  We would like to ease the anxiety of that event a little bit.


The Upper Merion Area School District Transportation Department has implemented the “K-Day” program for our soon to be kindergarten students.  It is a special day where you can bring your son or daughter to our elementary school where we will try to get them used to the buses.  We would like to take them, along with Mom or Dad, or both, for a little ride around the neighborhood.  Big brothers and sisters (or little brothers and sisters) are also invited to ride along!  We will also include some very important safety training in the visit, especially education regarding the “danger zone” around the bus while loading and unloading. 


This program is strictly voluntary and does not preclude the annual safety training that our department performs at the schools themselves at the beginning of the year.  What is different is that your child can now get a “sneak preview” of the experience of riding the school bus before that first big day!  The entire program should last no longer than one hour.  We sure hope that you and your little ones can join us!  We look forward to meeting them!


This annual event will be held in August, parents will be notified by mail.